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IBGE Census 2010Editar


  • based on the timetable here


it looks like the microdata from the census will be available in April of 2012

IBGE Cidades@Editar


  • seems to have some meta-information about the address file!
  • potential known popn: people over age 15 who do not know how to read and write?

it is a little big, but we have it broken down by broad age group and color

INEP School CensusEditar


  • data on students, classes, teachers, and schools
  • microdata codebook has information on age, sex, and color (but I haven't looked at how complete this is in the actual dataset)

IBGE Civil RegistrationEditar



  • it looks like info from this source is also provided in the Cidades@ database
  • I'm not sure how complete these are, eg what fraction of events (like births)

actually make it into the registration system, and also whether or not there is a lag (eg births from 2010 keep getting registered for the next couple of years, so the number for 2010 is initially incomplete)

IBGE Profile of Municipalities 2009Editar


  • covers highlights the main aspects of the management and structure of municipalities

from the following areas: management structure, culture, sports, housing, transport, health, safety, gender policy; environment, and human rights

IBGE, miscellaneous surveysEditar

Ministry of Social Development (MDS)Editar


  • it looks like they may have administrative records from various government programs

Ministry of Work and Employment (MTE) - CAGEDEditar


[ See CAGED link on the left ]


  • looks like they have estimates of the number of employees by sector / occupation in each municipality. however, i can't tell if they have totals anywhere, or just the number who were added and who left for each month (?)
  • CAGED: Registry of employed and unemployed people
  • for second link above, can get info about job category according to CBO classification:


by typing the category number into the Ordencaso / Occupacoes field

  • NB: looks like there's some info from CBO here


but for some of the data, I need to register for an account, which requires a CPF number

PNAD (National HH Survey)Editar